Google: Did you mean desire? Me: Maybe

Desire, for the conscious consumer.


deuxire is your download on sustainable fashion. Discover the latest vintage and secondhand items on the market. Get slow fashion, fast.
  • (n.) a strong feeling of wanting to have something sustainable
    (That vintage ‘93 Chanel handbag was her ultimate deuxire.)

  • (v.) strongly wish for or want (something sustainable)
    (He deuxired that preloved Gaultier jacket.)


This site is for you, the discerning consumer looking for a space to discover and enjoy the latest vintage and secondhand fashion.

Deuxire celebrates conscious style, slow fashion and those that champion it, because people and the planet deserve better.

To achieve true sustainability we must have justice for people and the planet. We must be pro-justice, and that means actively anti-racist and anti any other problem that is detrimental to humanity and our home. I acknowledge that conscious consumption has its limits in addressing our systemic issues because of so much complexity, but it is one place to start.

When I created Deuxire I envisioned a platform that was accessible and easy to engage with, that helped people, wherever on their journey, transition from fast to slow fashion.

Deuxire will not save the world, but it will support the people who will. Those that are doing what they can to improve themselves and their consumption choices. And yes, it is hard. We are learning, unlearning and making mistakes (I know I am), but why can’t it be fun, sometimes, too?

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better. Do better.
Maya Angelou

See you online,

Founder & Editor, Deuxire

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